This article corrects:

  1. Altered Oceanic pH Impairs Mating Propensity in a Pipefish Volume 119, Issue 1, 86–93, Article first published online: 10 December 2012

Leduc, A. O. H. C., Roh, E., Macnaughton, C. J., Benz, F., Rosenfeld, J. & Brown, G. E. 2004: Ambient pH and the response to chemical alarm cues in juvenile Atlantic salmon: mechanisms of reduced behavioral responses. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 139, 117–128.

The above-mentioned paper was included in the ‘Literature Cited’ section of Ethology 119, 86–93 (2013). The year should read as 2010 however, and not 2004 as previously stated. The authors would like to apologize for the oversight.