The role of implant dentistry in the specialty of endodontics


  • Tory Silvestrin


The routine incorporation of the placement of endosseous dental implants into the armamentaria of endodontists is currently limited, but it is on the rise. A need exists for endodontists to address the increased patient interest in implant-supported restorations. This can be accomplished concomitantly with educating patients about the predictability of various treatment options. Based on the experience that endodontists have in the diagnosis of complex endodontic problems, treating teeth with multiple clinical problems such as resorption, infractions, vertical root fractures, and evaluating the outcomes of various treatment procedures, they are uniquely qualified to discuss objectively with patients the risks and benefits related to treatment options that include endodontics and replacement with dental implants. By incorporating implant dentistry in the endodontic clinical practice, or at least becoming highly knowledgeable about the discipline of implant dentistry, the endodontist will be in a position to provide patients with valuable and practical information and services.