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Figure S1. Individual admixture proportion with the 90% confidence interval based on 23 microsatellites using the structure software.

Figure S2. Relationship between the mass (g) and the fork length (mm) of all the fish sampled in Petit Saint-Bernard Lake and Méthot Lake for both years 2008 and 2009.

Table S1. Multiplex PCR protocole.

Table S2. Sequencing primers, real-time PCR primers, and Taqman minor groove binder probe for each candidate gene.

Table S3. Descriptive genetic analyses for each population, the number of fish genotyped (N), allelic richness based on minimum sample size of 37 individuals (Ar), observed (HO) and expected (HE) heterozygosity and FIS.

Table S4. Pairwise genetic differentiation (FST) based on 23 microsatellite markers.

Table S5. structure statistic output and the ad hoc statistic of Evanno et al. (2005) to determine the best K for all comparisons.

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