eva12069-sup-0001-FigS1.tiffTIFF image3074KFigure S1. Arial map showing the location of ponds used in this study in the state of Pennsylvania, USA.
eva12069-sup-0002-FigS2.tiffTIFF image3074KFigure S2. Arial map showing the location of ponds used in this study within NW Pennsylvania, USA. Ponds are found in Crawford, Erie, and Warren counties.
eva12069-sup-0003-FigureS3.pdfapplication/PDF6KFigure S3. Variation among populations in life history and behavioural response variables averaged across predator cue and competition treatments. Data represent population means ± 1 SEM.
eva12069-sup-0004-FigureS4.pdfapplication/PDF6KFigure S4. The effects of perceived predation risk and competition on life history and behaviour averaged across populations. Data represent treatment means ± 1 SEM.
eva12069-sup-0005-FigureLegends.docWord document23K 

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