Table S1. Details of all broodstocks including numbers of fish, sex ratio, proportion of natural spawners used in hatchery program, and number of fry released per brood year.

Table S2. Years when supplementation programs were initiated and terminated and the last year of expected supplementation returns.

Table S3. Details of genetic statistics per locus and per population, including gene diversity, richness, HWE and P-values.

Table S4. Data and calculations for meta-LDNe and meta-SANe and meta-Hmean.

Table S5. Data and calculations for HmNe with hatchery- and wild-born samples separate and combined within collection year and tributary.

Table S6. Pairwise genotypic test results from FSTAT.

Table S7. Pairwise FST values and the number of permuted values that were larger than the actual value.

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