Appendix S1. Development of ZF locus.

Table S1. Primer for the amplification of COI, ZF and ND1.

Table S2. Concentrations of chemicals for PCRs (total volume 25 μL).

Table S3. Protocols for PCRs.

Appendix S2.

Figure S1. ML phylogeny of ND1 locus.

Figure S2. Distribution of clades sampled in the study.

Figure S3. Estimated 80% HDP of location of origin of COI haplotypes MRCA (white shade) and ZF haplotypes (red shade) for Clade 1.

Table S1. Sampling sites and clade distribution.

List of 166 GenBank Accession Numbers with attributed species for COI used for comparative purposes.

List of 40 ND1 Accession Numbers used.

Appendix S3. List of taxonomic treatises, determination keys, field guides, etc. consulted.

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