Resection of a premaxilla and rostral portion of the maxilla in a horse



A 5-year-old, 520 kg Standardbred mare was admitted for an osteosarcoma of the right premaxilla. Two horizontal incisions of the labial mucosa and lingual surface were made 1 cm around the ulceration from the canine tooth to the premaxillary symphysis. The premaxilla and rostral portion of the maxilla were transected 1 cm caudal to the canine tooth with an oscillating saw. The maxillary symphysis was transected using an oscillating saw and a hammer. The wound was closed by primary intention and healed without complication. The cosmetic appearance of the mare was good. The mare was able to prehend hay and grain and grazed without difficulty and the tongue did not protrude. The neoplasm had not recurred 18 months after the surgery. A premaxilla and rostral portion of the adjacent maxilla can be resected to treat horses for a unilateral lesion of the premaxilla but care must be taken to avoid the palatine and incisive arteries which lie within the interincisive canal.