Treatment of a femoral fracture with a titanium locking compression plate distal femur (LCP-DF) in a young donkey



A closed complete mid-diaphyseal spiral fracture of the left femur in a one-year-old donkey was treated with a 4.5 mm titanium locking compression plate distal femur (LCP-DF)1. This plate was originally manufactured for human orthopaedics, primarily for femoral osteosynthesis. The LCP-DF1 has a distal head plate that was advantageous in this case because the distal fragment was smaller. Post operative radiographs showed optimal femoral reconstruction and a callus was present 3 weeks after surgery. The donkey was sound at the walk and trot 2 months after surgery. Radiographs taken 5 months after surgery showed stable implants and complete healing without complications.