evj12023-sup-0001-FigS1.tif5654KFig S1: A. Left lateral view of a grade 1 cadaver larynx with superficial musculature dissected to expose the cricothyroid (CT) muscle. Rectus and oblique neuromuscular compartments are visible in the lateral (a) and ventral (b) views. The horizontal neuromuscular compartment, which is interposed between the medial thyroid lamina and the cricoid cartilage, can only be seen from the rostral (c) view, with the thyroid lamina deflected laterally.
evj12023-sup-0002-VideoS1.mp42042KVideo S1: Ex vivo stimulation of a fresh cadaver larynx. The left and right oblique neuromuscular compartments were stimulated concurrently using bipolar myocardial electrodes and pulse-stimulators at 50 Hz and 0.25V. OFF denotes that the larynx is not being stimulated; ON denotes stimulation of both oblique neuromuscular compartments.

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