Summary in Chinese.


Item S1: Primer sequences used for RT-qPCR for HIF-1A, VEGF, PGK1, GLUT1, NOS2.


Item S2: Messenger RNA concentrations of HIF1A-related genes in cultured equine skin keratinocytes. Data are presented as means ± s.e. CON denotes normoxic culture conditions (21% O2); BDC denotes below detectable concentrations; 1 h and 4 h denote culture conditions for 1 and 4 h, respectively; * denotes different (P≤0.05) from CON value; denotes different (P≤0.05) from 3% O2 (no LPS) value; ° denotes significantly different than same concentration of LPS in CON (normoxic) condition; †denotes significantly different from 100 ng LPS within atmospheric condition. Significant values are also in bold. No statistical analysis was performed on NOS2 samples due to nondetectable mRNA concentrations in CON samples.


Item S3: Lamellar mRNA concentrations of HIF-1A-related genes in BWE and CHO models of laminitis. Data are presented as median (25th percentile, 75th percentile); * denotes significant difference (P<0.05) compared with control (E-CON, L-CON or CON) value for that group of horses. Significant values are also in bold. Fold-changes are given for values with significant differences vs. normoxic CON values.

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