Foreword and Acknowledgements

Equine Veterinary Journal is delighted to publish this special issue containing some of the Clinical Research Abstracts presented at BEVA's Annual Congress. These abstracts focus on topics of interest and relevance to equine clinicians, and while they often describe work in progress, are of extremely high scientific quality. With this initiative, now in its second year, BEVA hopes to provide both members and equine practitioners in general with up-to-date information that will help inform their clinical practice.

The abstracts have been compiled and edited by David Hicks and Sue Wright and I am grateful to David Mountford, BEVA's Scientific Programme Guardians and the reviewers of these clinical research abstracts: Keith Chandler, Sandy Love, James Crabtree, Sue Dyson, Luise Harrison, Raphael Labens, Vicki Nicholls and David Rendle.

  • Celia M. Marr

  • EVJ Editor-in-Chief

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