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Supplementary Material S1: White spruce cone abundance and squirrel ecology.

Figure S1.The average cone index on the two natural-food study areas that have been monitored consistently since 1987 (line: average of two study areas), as well as the cone indices in 2005 on the natural-food (open symbols) and food-supplementation (filled circle) study areas (two low cone index values in 2005 are staggered along the x-axis to aid visibility). The open symbol in 2006 represents the cone index that squirrels within the winter life-stage experienced in 2007 on both the natural-food and food-supplementation study areas.

Literature cited only in Supplementary Material S1.

Supplementary Material S2: Doubly-labeled water methodology.

Literature cited only in Supplementary Material S2.

Supplementary Material S3: Influence of the types of blood collection.

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