Figure S1. Summary of survival of juvenile plants transplanted in 2005 at each transplant site for all populations (N = 14), tetraploid populations from low elevations (N = 3), tetraploid populations from intermediate elevations (N = 4), diploid populations from intermediate elevations (N = 4), and diploid populations from high elevations (N = 3).

Figure S2. (a) Plot of survival of local population (filled circles) and mean performance of populations of the same ploidy from the same elevation by plot with standard error (hollow circles).

Table S1. Seed sources for plants included in the experiment in 2004 and 2005 with elevation of seed collection plots in meters.

Table S2. Data sources for temperature and precipitation information for each elevation from 1997 to 2007 with the number of years of temperature and precipitation data available for the winter and summer season indicated.

Table S3. Number of individuals planted and proportion surviving across years for the bolted plants planted in 2005 by population and by type. The ploidy of individuals used in the experiment is indicated in brackets after each source ( 2x = diploids, 4x = tetraploids). The average proportion surviving for each elevation is presented for each year below the plot specific information. The total number of individuals per plot and overall survival is tallied in the far right hand column. Populations that are local to the transplant site are highlighted in light blue.

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