In Verweij et al. (2012), there is a typographical error in Table 1. The heading of the 3rd column in Table 1 should read ‘% VA due to common variants (MAF > .01)’. The published version reads ‘… (MAF > .1)’. The correct table is below:

Table 1. Predictions from evolutionary models for maintenance of genetic variation in complex traits
 No. of causal% VA due to common variants  InbreedingUseful
Modelvariantsa(MAF > .01)VNA/VGbh2(SNPs)/H2affects traitreferences
  1. VA additive genetic variation; VNA: nonadditive genetic variation; MAF: minor allele frequency

  2. a

    Previous research strongly suggests a highly polygenic basis to personality (Verweij et al. 2010)

  3. b

    VNA/VG is expected to be fairly low under neutrality (Hill et al. 2008), though no specific level can be predicted; ‘higher’ predicted levels are in comparison this baseline

  4. c

    Yes under directional selection, no under stabilising selection

  5. d

    These predictions appear to approximately generalise to overdominance in general (Burger 2000)

  6. e

    Inbreeding is expected to decrease fitness, but does not necessarily affect the trait in question

Selective neutralityNo prediction98%LowHighNo(Eyre-Walker 2010)
Mutation-selection balanceMany<<98%HigherLowPossiblyc(Eyre-Walker 2010)
Balancing selection      
 pleiotropic balancing selectionNo prediction>98%LowHighNo(Turelli and Barton 2004)
environmental heterogeneityNo prediction>98%LowHighNo(Turelli and Barton 2004)
negative frequency-dependent selectionFew>98%LowHighNo(Mani et al. 1990; Kopp and Hermisson 2006)
sex-dependent selectionUp to two>98%LowHighNo(Turelli and Barton 2004)
overdominance for fitness, resulting from antagonistic pleiotropydFew>98%HigherLowPossiblye(Curtsinger et al. 1994; Hedrick 1999; Burger 2000)


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