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Appendix S1. Comparison of divergence times for three carnivoran phylogenies.

Appendix S2. Details of the quantitative trait speciation and extinction (QuaSSE) modeling.

Appendix S3. Supplementary simulations.

Table S1. AUC values of MaxEnt distribution models for all carnivoran species.

Table S2. Principal component analysis of 19 bioclimatic variables.

Table S3. Results of the quantitative trait speciation and extinction (QuaSSE) modeling.

Table S4. Jackknife analysis of the PGLM results.

Figure S1. Correlations between divergence times of alternative carnivoran phylogenies.

Figure S2. Partitioning of variance among principal component analysis (PCA) axes compared to the broken-stick model.

Figure S3. Comparison of the observed gamma values with values expected under constant diversification.

Figure S4. The relationship between clade diversity and slowdowns across 1000 phylogenies simulated under randomly generated speciation and extinction rates.

Figure S5. Ability of gamma to detect slowdowns in clades of varying sizes.

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