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evo12196-sup-0001-supmat.doc29KSupporting Information
evo12196-sup-0002-supmat.doc39KSupporting Information
evo12196-sup-0001-tableS1.xls839KTable S1. Maximum growth rate (MGR) of deletion strains.
evo12196-sup-0002-tableS2.xls118KTable S2. Maximum growth rate (MGR) of the control strain.
evo12196-sup-0003-tableS3.xls783KTable S3. Maximum lifespan (MLS) of deletion strains.
evo12196-sup-0004-tableS4.xls113KTable S4. Maximum lifespan (MLS) of the control strain.
evo12196-sup-0001-tableS5.pdf20KTable S5. List of deletions associated with the longest recorded MLSs.
evo12196-sup-0001-tableS6.xls48KTable S6. The test of GO terms enrichment among short-lived deletions.

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