evo12205-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdf743KFigure S1. Individual genomic clines for all 125 markers analyzed.

Table S1. Sampled allopatric and mixed populations of Gryllus pennsylvanicus and Gryllus firmus used for single nucleotide polymorphism validation.

Table S2. Sampling locations and number of crickets collected per locality (N) for the southern Pennsylvania region of the hybrid zone.

Table S3. Amplification and genotyping success of 232 single nucleotide polymorphism markers (181 genes) for a panel of 71 crickets from six allopatric populations (Gryllus pennsylvanicus = 35, Gryllus firmus =36) and nine crickets from a single mixed population.

Table S4. Allele frequencies in allopatric populations of Gryllus pennsylvanicus and Gryllus firmus for 154 single nucleotide polymorphism markers successfully genotyped.

Table S5. Sequence descriptions and functional annotation from Andres et al. (2013) for 125 single nucleotide polymorphisms used in genomic cline analysis.

Table S6. Results of genomic cline analysis for 125 markers genotyped in the Pennsylvania portion of the hybrid zone between Gryllus firmus and Gryllus pennsylvanicus.

Table S7. Genotyping results of a representative single nucleotide polymorphism for each of the 15 genes encoding seminal fluid proteins assayed.

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