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evo12207-sup-0001-figureS1.pdf38KFigure S1. Growth of wild-type Hsp90 in the four investigated environmental conditions.
evo12207-sup-0002-figureS2.pdf36KFigure S2. Fitness effects of synonymous substitutions for the ten amino acid substitutions with the greatest benefit in elevated salinity.
evo12207-sup-0003-figureS3.pdf48KFigure S3. Correlation between biological replicates at elevated salinity (30°C + S).
evo12207-sup-0004-figureS4.pdf179KFigure S4. Schematic of qPCR based analyses of selection coefficients.
evo12207-sup-0005-figureS5.pdf50KFigure S5. Fitness measurements made by binary competition correlate with EMPIRIC results.
evo12207-sup-0006-dataS1.xls40KData S1. Observed selection coefficients.
evo12207-sup-0007-suppmat.doc26KSupporting Figure Legends

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