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evo12219-sup-0001-Appendix1.pdf48KAppendix S1. Correlation coefficients between each of the nine morphological variables.
evo12219-sup-0002-Appendix2.pdf57KAppendix S2. Primer information for genes used in study.
evo12219-sup-0003-Appendix3.pdf132KAppendix S3. List of genetic samples used in project and associated Genbank numbers for each gene.
evo12219-sup-0004-Appendix4.pdf137KAppendix S4. Locality information for all individuals include in study.
evo12219-sup-0005-Appendix5.pdf69KAppendix S5. Specimens examined for morphological analyses.
evo12219-sup-0006-Appendix6.pdf482KAppendix S6. Maximum likelihood gene trees for nuclear locus.

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