• Displacement Sensor;
  • Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor;
  • Structural Health Monitoring;
  • Crack Detection


In this article, the design and development of a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based displacement sensor package for submicron level displacement measurements are presented. A linear shift of 12.12 nm in Bragg wavelength of the FBG sensor is obtained for a displacement of 6 mm with a calibration factor of 0.495 µm/pm. Field trials have also been conducted by comparing the FBG displacement sensor package against a conventional dial gauge, on a five block masonry prism specimen loaded using three-point bending technique. The responses from both the sensors are in good agreement, up to the failure of the masonry prism. Furthermore, from the real-time displacement data recorded using FBG, it is possible to detect the time at which early creaks generated inside the body of the specimen which then prorogate to the surface to develop visible surface cracks; the respective load from the load cell can be obtained from the inflection (stress release point) in the displacement curve. Thus the developed FBG displacement sensor package can be used to detect failures in structures much earlier and to provide an adequate time to exercise necessary action, thereby avoiding the possible disaster.