Observation and Evaluation of Plastic Collapse for Double-Notch Pipe



The plastic collapse behavior and strength were investigated for an austenitic stainless steel pipe with two 90° through-wall notches perpendicular to the pipe axis direction. Double-notch specimens with various notch separation distances were coated with photo-plastic film. Arbitrary combined axial tensile and bending loads were applied to the specimens. Changes in the photo-plastic fringe pattern were observed during the tests to investigate the plastic collapse behavior. The plastic collapse strength was evaluated using a model based on an elastic-perfectly plastic body. The photo-plastic fringe patterns at the experimental plastic collapse point differed based on the loading history. Thus, the plastic collapse behavior depends on the loading history. In addition, the plastic collapse strength differed based on the loading history and hardly depended on the notch separation distance. The experimental plastic collapse occurred before reaching the theoretical plastic point for only some pure tension loading tests. Thus, the model analysis based on an elastic-perfectly plastic body used in this study might give an unconservative estimate for the plastic collapse of a stainless steel pipe subjected to a pure tension load.