• Small Punch Test;
  • Larson–Miller Parameter;
  • Accelerated Creep Test


The relation between test temperature and time to rupture on the small punch test (SPT) has been investigated in this work using the Larson–Miller parameter (LMP). The test results required for the study were obtained from performing SPT on the specimens of SS304 steel at different temperatures from 660°C to 700°C and the tests are fulfilled under three different load levels of 550, 600, and 650N. Using the measured time to fracture along with the temperature and load levels in hand, it is shown that LMP which was initially proposed for conventional creep test may also be used for relating the SPT results and also for extrapolating its fracture time. Therefore, the SPT results at the required temperature and load can be assessed faster, utilizing LMP and performing SPT at higher temperatures under the same load. In other words, SPT can be used as an accelerated creep test method using LMP.