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Table S1. Definitions of productivity and susceptibility as defined by Patrick et al. (2009) used in the PSA.

Table S2. Source countries, regions, number of sites, and references for data used to examine the relationship between total fishable biomass and the dependent indicators of ecosystem health for the greater Indonesian basin.

Table S3. Definitions of the attributes, data quality categories, and weightings used in the PSA, modified from Patrick et al 2009 (Tables 1 and 4). This table illustrates the attributes used to assess each species in the PSA and their corresponding weightings. Each attribute was weighted by relative importance for the fishery (producing a weighted attribute score) and then by data quality to produce an overall vulnerability score. Data quality ranged from high to moderate (based on the categories from Patrick et al. 2009) for the majority of the attributes evaluated.

Table S4. Data quality scores for productivity, susceptibility and vulnerability attribute for the 21 ornamental reef fish targets.

Table S5. Productivity, susceptibility, vulnerability, and fishery type for comparing life history strategies between 21 ornamental species and 14 live reef fish food fishery species in Indonesia.

Figure S1. Indonesian ornamental reef fish fishery (gray) and live reef fish food fishery (black) productivity and susceptibility x-y plot by common classification.

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