• dual-earner couples;
  • family-to-work conflict;
  • gender ideology;
  • marital satisfaction;
  • negative family-to-work spillover;
  • work and family

This study examines whether the gender ideologies of both spouses moderate how family-to-work conflict relates to marital satisfaction among dual-earner couples. The authors address the research questions using data from a random sample of dual-earner couples from the northern part of a western state (N = 156 couples). Findings indicate that husbands' gender ideologies moderate how husbands' and wives' family-to-work conflict relate to husbands' marital satisfaction. Additionally, husbands' gender ideologies moderate how husbands' family-to-work conflict relates to wives' marital satisfaction. In contrast, wives' gender ideologies do not appear to moderate how either spouse's family-to-work conflict relate to marital satisfaction. The implications of the study for practitioners, including explicitly talking about gender beliefs with clients and the potential promise of feminist-informed therapy, are discussed.