• Collaboration;
  • Family Law;
  • Journal Review;
  • Multidisciplinary;
  • Scoping Review;
  • Separation and Divorce

The focus of this study was to systematically review the content of all 1,778 articles published in Family Court Review (FCR) during the past 50 years to explore whether these articles helped to advance the journal's core values. The findings suggest that FCR has focused on a rich diversity of legal and social issues impacting children and families. FCR has evolved into a leading source for interdisciplinary communication among mental health and legal professions, with growing emphasis on international collaboration and an increasing emphasis on empirical evidence to guide practice, policy, and future research.

    Key Points for the Family Court Community

  • FCR has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the interdisciplinary nature of family law.
  • Published authors in FCR increasingly represent a widening array of professionals from diverse geographical areas.
  • Through the publication of current material, evocative discussions, standards of practice, and empirical studies, FCR has demonstrated a commitment to the professionals and families served by the family courts.