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Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Guidelines for Child Protection Mediation


  • Marilou Giovannucci,

  • Karen Largent


This article is corrected by:

  1. Errata: Correction to the April 2013 Issue: A note from the Student Managing Editor Volume 51, Issue 3, 350, Article first published online: July 2013

  • Workgroup Co-Chairs



The Child Protection Mediation Guidelines Workgroup came together under the auspices of the Child Welfare Collaborative Decision Making Network to examine program development and the practice of Child Protection Mediation (CPM). The Workgroup convened and began its work in 2010. The resultant “Guidelines for Child Protection Mediation” was approved by the AFCC Board of Directors in 2012.

Key Points for the Family Court Community

  • Child Protection Mediation provides an opportunity for families and professionals involved in child abuse and neglect matters to resolve disputes in a safe, inclusive and thoughtful manner.
  • The Guidelines for Child Protection Mediation establish core principles and strategies for establishing and maintaining high quality child protection mediation programs and practices.
  • The Guidelines for Child Protection Mediation can serve as a road map for programs and practitioners to follow in their day-to-day work with families and their children who are involved with the child welfare system.