• Active phase of labour ● music therapy ● oxytocin augmentation ● upright position



Labour pain is severe. Thus, it is important to find effective methods to shorten the duration of labour and reduce labour pain.


This non-randomised comparative study aimed to examine the use of the Prince of Songkla University Cat (PSU Cat) and upright positions, in conjunction with relaxing music, compared to oxytocin augmentation on the duration of the active phase of labour and labour pain in primiparous women.


Participants were assigned to two groups: group one (n=88) adopted the PSU Cat position alternating with an upright elevated head position (both at 45–60 degrees) while listening to relaxing music; group two (n=87) received oxytocin in the labour room. Both groups received the interventions when cervical dilation was 3–4 cm at the beginning of the study.


Using t-tests, the position-adopting group was shown to have a significantly shorter duration of active labour than the oxytocin group. Repeated measures (using analysis of covariance) revealed that the position-adopting group had significantly less labour pain and distress of pain than the oxytocin group.


The results indicate that applying the PSU Cat positions, alternating with those where the head is elevated, while listening to relaxing music can shorten the duration of the active phase of labour and reduce labour pain and distress of pain compared with the use of oxytocin.