As of January 2013 FEBS Journal is moving to online-only publication. Subscribers will no longer receive printed issues of the journal. The reasons for this are many and disparate but can be summed up as fulfilling two important and prized objectives: efficiency and sustainability.

After more than 40 years of publishing, the Journal notes that the vast majority of its papers are now discovered and downloaded from the internet. The online version is available ( Early View before the particular issue in which it appears has been made up, it has unlimited use of colour free of charge, and is instantly accessible worldwide. This has allowed a very efficient work flow, speeding up publication time to the point where accepted papers that require little revision are first published in a matter of 2–3 months. Our readers welcome the simplicity of online searching, database linking, cross-referencing, saving and annotating, and the process and functionality are subject to continuous evolution and improvement.

Secondly, FEBS Journal welcomes the opportunity to eliminate the adverse environmental impact of printing and shipping hard copies of the Journal around the world. At a time when sustainability must be a key objective, we believe that the move to online-only will be met with wide approval. Moreover, it will allow us to minimize future price increases and invest in a dynamic online presence that fully meets the evolving needs of the scientific research community.

We trust you will recognise the virtue of what we are aiming to achieve and support us in our endeavours. FEBS Journal is a major player in the world of publishing original research and review articles in the molecular life sciences. Make sure you are signed up to receive content alerts from FEBS Journal on the Wiley Online Library and be the first to know when a new issue is published online. More details can be found on the FEBS Journal website (

My colleagues on the Editorial Board and in the Editorial Office join me in wishing you a happy and successful New Year. We hope to have the opportunity to consider some of your best work for publication in the Journal.

imageFEBS Journal is wholly owned by the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS), a not-for-profit organization, and is published on behalf of FEBS by Wiley-Blackwell. The Federation's income is used to support scientists through fellowships, courses, travel grants, prizes, and other FEBS initiatives.