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Doc. S1. KD of mannose at different pH. KD of mannose and mannose 1-phosphate at different ionic strength. Calcium titration. Quin2 standard curve.

Fig. S1. Titration of Quin2 with calcium without flocculin and with flocculin.

Fig. S2. pH profile for the flocculation of the brewers yeast strain CG2164 and pH profile for Lg-Flo1p-mannose dissociation constant KD.

Fig. S3. Titration of Lg-Flo1p with mannose and mannose 1-phosphate.

Table S1. Influence of ionic-strength (I) on the dissociation constant between Lg-Flo1p and mannose/mannose 1-phosphate at pH 5.0.

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