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Fig. S1. Structure determination of product 3 acetate by the detailed NMR analyses.

Fig. S2. Structure determination of product 4 acetate by the detailed NMR analyses.

Fig. S3. Determination of molecular mass by SDS/PAGE.

Fig. S4. (A) CD spectra measured in the solutions of Brij 35 and beta-OG and (B) the enzyme activity recovered after removing Brij35.

Fig. S5. Effect of dithiothreitol on enzymatic activity.

Fig. S6. Synthetic scheme of (3R,S)-iminosqualene (5).

Fig. S7. Determination of IC50 values of inhibitors 57.

Fig. S8. Amino acid alignment of various oxidosqualene cyclases.

Fig. S9. The method for determining the expressed amounts of EtAS proteins.

Table S1. Active site residues of human lanosterol synthase that interact with the inhibitor Ro48-8071 (6).

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