Table S1. Raw data table from SNV Distribution (with duplicates) (XLSX).

Table S2. Full KEGG pathways, substrates and products and disease information (XLSX).

Table S3. KEGG pathway analysis (XLSX).

Table S4. Keyword analysis – biological process (XLSX).

Table S5. Keyword analysis – cellular component (XLSX).

Table S6. Keyword analysis – molecular function (XLSX).

Table S7. Gene ontology analysis – biological process (XLSX).

Table S8. Gene ontology analysis – cellular component (XLSX).

Table S9. Gene ontology analysis – molecular function (XLSX).

Table S10. Disease keyword (XLSX).

Table S11. KEGG disease frequency (XLSX).

Table S12. Specific variation in disease (XLSX).

Table S13. Active site residue profile (XLSX).

Table S14. Arginine variation (XLSX).

Table S15. Significant specific variations (XLSX).

Table S16. Clustering results (XLSX).

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