Table S1. Solid-state NMR chemical shifts of self-assembled (U-13C,15N)-labeled full-length H-NS.

Table S2. Solid-state NMR chemical shifts of (U-13C,15N) H-NS 1–47.

Table S3. 1H, 13C and 15N solution NMR chemical shifts of (U-13C,15N) H-NS 1–47.

Fig. S1. 2D NCOCX correlation spectrum obtained on (U-13C,15N)-labeled full-length H-NS.

Fig. S2. Overlay of the 2D 13C–13C correlation spectra obtained on (U-13C,15N)-labeled full-length H-NS and its truncated variant H-NS 1–47.

Fig. S3. Histogram representation of Cα secondary chemical shifts and chemical shift differences between H-NS 1–47 in solid state and in solution and solid-state H-NS 1–137.

Fig. S4. Functional assays on full-length H-NS samples.

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