febs12309-sup-0001-FigureS1-S7_docS1.zipapplication/ZIP4606KDoc. S1. Supplementary materials and methods. Fig. S1. MuSK turnover in COS-7 cells and C2 myotubes. Fig. S2. MuSK colocalization with clathrin and lipid raft markers and transferrin internalization in the presence of clathrin and dynamin inhibitors. Fig. S3. Rab11 regulates MuSK recycling. Fig. S4. MuSK endocytosis involves the actin cytoskeleton and Arf6. Fig. S5. The MuSK internalization is not altered upon cytochalasin D treatment or the expression of Arf6. Fig. S6. MuSK activation by Dok7 and its colocalization with pTyr, Arf6 and endosomal markers. Fig. S7. Agrin-induced AChR clustering is not affected in Myr-Arf1 treated myotubes.

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