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Doc. S1. Detailed description of the added and modified rate equations, and the sampling of the parameters.

Fig. S1. Glucose consumption flux in models without any activity of the glycolytic enzymes in the cytosol.

Fig. S2. Glucose consumption flux in the impermeable model (model 1a, no activity of the glycolytic enzymes in the cytosol) when the rate of the glycerol transporter is increased.

Fig. S3. Examples of comparison between the distribution of parameter values as sampled and the same parameter in the 1% best parameter sets.

Fig. S4. Distributions of the percentages of activity of the glycolytic enzymes in the cytosol among the top 1% of parameter sets of models 1a, 3 and 4.

Fig. S5. Percentages of parameter sets allowing each model topology to reach steady-state before 1000 simulated minutes.

Table S1. Parameters significantly different in the best parameter sets (highest 1% log-likelihood) compared to the other 99% sampled values.

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