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Fig. S1. ∆csn5 yeast strain in the W303 genetic context exhibits defects in deneddylation while expression levels of other complex subunits do not change significantly.

Fig. S2. Testing gene modulation in strains deleted for CSN components by real time RT-PCR.

Fig. S3. Quality control plot of proteomic data.

Fig. S4. Overview of the zinc transporters and zinc metabolism genes repressed in Δcsn5 cells.

Fig. S5.csn5 mutant cells are sensitive to cadmium and nickel.

Table S1. List of selected ∆csn5/W303 microarray data.

Table S2. List of 38 regulated genes in ∆csn5 compared with the isogenic wild-type strain at RNA and/or protein level.

Table S3. Genes modulated at protein level whose promoter has been shown to bind Hap1 in YPD by ChIP on chip experiments [27].

Table S4. List of genes modulated in specific A. thaliana csn5 mutant.

Table S5. List of unique peptides and relative intensities of selected proteins identified by label-free proteomics.

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