Table S1. APEH chains utilized for phylogenetic analysis.

Table S2A. Purification of APEH-2Tb from RBCs of the notothenioid fish Trematomus bernacchii.

Table S2B. Purification of APEH-1Tb from liver of the notothenioid fish T. bernacchii.

Table S3. List of charged residues found within an increasing distance from the three amino acids of the catalytic triad.

Fig. S1. cDNA sequence of apeh-1Tb and apeh-2Tb from T. bernacchii with the deduced amino acid sequences.

Fig. S2. Muscle alignment of APEH-1Tb and APEH-2Tb sequences with those of APEHs from different sources.

Fig. S3. Gel filtration chromatography on a Superdex 200 column of APEH-2Tb from T. bernacchii.

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