Interaction of human minichromosome maintenance protein-binding protein with minichromosome maintenance 2–7



It has been reported that minichromosome maintenance protein-binding protein (MCM-BP) functions in the formation of the pre-replication complex, unloading of minichromosome maintenance (MCM)2–7 from chromatin in late S phase, and formation of the cohesion complex by interacting with MCM3–7 proteins, suggesting that MCM-BP functions in several different reactions during the cell cycle. Here, we examined the interaction of human MCM-BP with MCM2–7 and structural maintenance of chromosome 3 in synchronized HeLa cells by immunoprecipitation. The results show that MCM-BP mainly interacts with MCM7 in the Triton-soluble fraction from S phase and G2 phase cells, and it also interacts with structural maintenance of chromosome 3 in the fraction from G2 phase cells. In vitro studies show that MCM-BP disassembles MCM2–7 bound to DNA with a fork-like structure by interacting with MCM3, MCM5, and MCM7. These results suggest that MCM-BP functions in disassembling MCM2–7 on chromatin during S phase and G2 phase by interacting with MCM3, MCM5, and MCM7.

Structured digital abstract