Fig. S1. Sequence alignment of the NS2B–NS3pro in the dengue virus serotypes 1–4.

Fig. S2. Chemical structures of inhibitor 1 and C1 lanthanide tag.

Fig. S3. DENp is enzymatically active.

Fig. S4. 15N-HSQC spectrum of DENp selectively labelled with 15N-serine and 15N-isoleucine.

Fig. S5. 15N-HSQC spectra of DENp selectively labelled with 15N-isoleucine at different ionic strengths.

Fig. S6. PCSs observed for NS2B of DENp at 50 mm and 300 mm NaCl.

Fig. S7. Correlations between back-calculated and experimental PCSs of DENp at low and high salt.

Table S1. PCSs of backbone amide protons of 15N-labelled DENp mutant B with C2 tag loaded with Tb3+ at 50 mm and 300 mm NaCl concentrations.

Table S2. Δχ tensor parameters of DENp mutant B with C2–Tb3+ tag.

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