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Strain ratcheting and stress relaxation around interference-fitted single-holed plates under cyclic loading: experimental and numerical investigations


T. N. Chakherlou. E-mail:


Longitudinal strain ratcheting and stress relaxation in interference-fitted single-holed plates were investigated both experimentally and numerically. In the experimental part single-holed plates made from Al-alloy 7075-T6 were force-fitted with oversized pins to create 1% and 2% nominal interference fit sizes. Then these plates (specimens) were instrumented with dynamic strain gauges in longitudinal direction around the hole to measure the strain during interference fit and strain ratcheting during subsequent cyclic loading. In the numerical part, 2D finite element code has been written to simulate the interference fit process and subsequent cyclic loading to obtain strains and stresses around the force fitted hole. To predict the strain ratcheting, Ohno–Wang kinematic hardening model was applied for simulation of stress/strain path. The strain ratcheting predicted from the finite element code and experimental test results were compared. The results showed that there is a good agreement between the measured and numerically evaluated strains, and the strain ratcheting is bigger for higher cyclic load level, but it is smaller for larger interference size.