Determination of crack surface displacements for cracks emanating from a circular hole using weight function method


X. R. Wu. E-mail:


Cracks emanating from a circular hole are of significant engineering importance, especially in aerospace industry. Accurate determination of key fracture mechanics parameters is essential for damage tolerance design and fatigue life predictions. The purpose of this paper is to provide an efficient and accurate closed-form weight function approach to the calculation of crack surface displacements for radial crack(s) emanating from a circular hole in an infinite and finite-width plate. Results were presented for two loading conditions: remote applied stress and uniform stress segment applied to crack surfaces, and extensively compared to recent studies using other methods in the literature. Both single and double radial cracks were considered, and also the effect of finite plate width on crack surface displacements has been investigated. A brief assessment was made on an engineering estimation of displacements based on a correction of stress intensity factor ratio. It has been demonstrated that the Wu-Carlsson closed-form weight functions are very efficient, accurate and easy-to-use for calculating crack surface displacements for arbitrary load conditions. The method will facilitate fatigue crack closure and other fracture mechanics analyses where accurate crack surface displacements are required.