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A modified cohesive zone model for a high-speed expanding crack



The present work studies a self-similar high-speed expanding crack of mode-I in a ductile material with a modified cohesive zone model. Compared with existing Dugdale models for moving crack, the new features of the present model are that the normal stress parallel to crack faces is included in the yielding condition in the cohesive zone and traction force in the cohesive zone can be non-uniform. For a ductile material defined by von Mises criterion without hardening, the present model confirms that the normal stress parallel to crack face increases with increasing crack speed and can be even larger than the normal traction in the cohesive zone, which justifies the necessity of including the normal stress parallel to the crack faces in the yielding condition at high crack speed. In addition, strain hardening effect is examined based on a non-uniform traction distribution in the cohesive zone.