Does Index Speculation Impact Commodity Prices? An Intraday Analysis


  • We thank the anonymous referees, the editor (Robert Van Ness), and the seminar participants at the University of Texas at San Antonio and the FMA meeting in 2011 for comments.

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Using intraday data, we find unidirectional causality from commodity index-linked futures to nonindex-linked commodity futures for up to one hour which disappears when using daily data. Also, the economic significance of index-linked to nonindex commodity transmission declines to zero within about an hour. Finally, we find that the magnitude of index-linked to nonindex return transmission is positively related to the amount of speculation, both long and short, in S&P GSCI commodity index futures.  We conclude that speculative pressures exerted by commodity index futures can impact nonindex commodities, mainly through the activity of uninformed, positive feedback traders.