Pre-Service Foreign Language Teachers' Perspectives on Learning With Technology



This study explores pre-service foreign language teachers' (N = 25) beliefs about the value and usefulness of employing technology-enhanced activities (discussion forums, blogs, wikis, e-portfolios, videotape recordings) in a methods course, and their perceptions of how these activities supported their learning. Likert-scale items from an anonymous questionnaire indicated that participants found those activities beneficial for bridging theory and practice, enhancing critical thinking, and promoting professional growth. A qualitative analysis of participants' reflections revealed that, despite technology-related challenges and preferences for other coursework activities, participants believed that the technology-based activities provided increased opportunities for varied and richer interactions, peer feedback, and reflection; helped develop their learner autonomy and sense of belonging to a community of learners; modeled effective technology uses; and fostered a deeper appreciation of technology-enriched practices.