Figure S1. Mean relative importance (IRI) and standard error of different diet items for L. sylvaticus (n = 45 tadpoles, n = 21 metamorphs). Diatoms consisting of species in the genera Fragilaria, Synedra, Cymbella, Navicula, Gomphormena, Cyclotella, and Melosira, plant material included pollen and seeds, hyphomycete fungi, and arthropods included chitinous fragments, chironomid larvae, copepods, and largely unidentifiable insect pieces (but some legs and wings).

Figure S2. Relative importance (IRI) of diet items (mean and SE) found in the stomachs of A. laterale (n = 34). Protozoans included primarily ciliates.

Table S1. The sample size and variance of niche variables across ponds and hydroperiod for A. laterale and L. sylvaticus. We used the Shapiro-Wilk test of normality.  If the data were normally distributed, the Levene’s test was used to test for differences among group variances. If data was not normally distributed we used the Fligner-Killeen (F-K) test for equality of variances because it has been found to be robust against departures in normality. Sample sizes are reported for each test, where TPSI, TPGC, and PSi n measures individuals and TNW n is number of ponds. TNW is a population level measurement; therefore there was only 1 value per pond and no variance.

Table S2. Mean trophic position (standard deviation) calculated from gut contents (TPGC) and stable istotopes (TPSI) of two amphibian species collected during larval aquatic stages across a hydroperiod gradient. NP denotes ponds were species were not present.

Table S3. Mean stable isotope values and standard deviation (SD) for basal resources, macroinvertebrates, and amphibian larvae collected from ponds ranging in hydroperiod. FBOM is fine benthic organic matter.

Appendix S1. Supplementary results.

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