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Figure S1. Mean daily flow (January 2007–June 2010; solid line) and mean daily temperature (September 2008–April 2010; dotted line) in the (a) unregulated Weir River and (b) regulated Macintyre River.

Figure S2. Mean daily flow (2004–2008; solid line) and mean daily temperature (2005–2008; dotted line) in the (a) Gwydir River and (b) Namoi River.

Figure S3. Mean daily flow (January 2005–May 2009; solid line) and mean daily temperature (July 2006–May 2009; dotted line) in the (a) regulated Severn River, (b) unregulated Macintyre River and (c) unregulated Mole River.

Table S1. Mean fourth-root standardised larval catch-per-unit-effort of all species from the Gwydir and Namoi Rivers (averaged across all sites and times) during 2005–2008.

Table S2. Mean fourth-root transformed CPUE of larval and juvenile fish sampled in the Severn River (Impact) and unregulated Macintyre River and Mole River (Reference) over 3 years 2006–2009 in the period before (B) and after (A) experimental flow releases in the Severn River in 2008.

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