Appendix S1.

Table S1.1 Mean water quality characteristics of the study streams

Table S1.2–1.3 Model selection results for egg mass densities in the Buenz and Reppisch in a separate analysis.

Table S1.4–1.6 Full lists of model ranking results for Baetis, Hydropsyche and Erpobdella in the Buenz and Reppisch, joint analysis.

Tables S1.7–S1.11 Parameter estimates for the highest ranked models, joint analysis.

Fig. S1.1 Discharge and temperature during the experiment.

Fig. S1.2 Water level change in response to discharge at the sampling sites.


Appendix S2.

Figs 2.1–2.26 Egg mass identification: phenology and colour photographs of egg mass types found during the experiment.

Fig. 2.27–2.28 Swimming modifications of mesothoracic legs Hydropsyche.

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