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Table S1. Dissolved organic carbon normalised absorption coefficients a254* and a350*, absorption ratios a254 :  a350, spectral slopes (S) for the wavelength ranges 275 to 295 nm and 350 to 400 nm, carbohydrate content (CHO) in glucose-carbon equivalents as percentage of total stream dissolved organic carbon, aromatic to aliphatic carbon ratios (AR/AL) as determined via CP-MAS 13C-NMR, total inorganic carbon (TIC) concentration and discharge**.

Table S2. Description of the tile (10 × 47 × 5 mm) biofilm communities including stable carbon isotope composition (δ13C; ‰), total carbon (C; µm C per tile) and nitrogen (N; µm N per tile) content and biofilm C/N ratios.

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