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Appendix S1. Description of standard methods used to calculate population growth curves.

Table S1. Correlations between Secchi depth and a suite of limnological, bathymetric and biological variables.

Table S2. ancova results for fish traits associated with body shape, fin dimensions and trophic structures.

Table S3. Proportional prey representation in fish diets.

Table S4. Results from Akaike Information Criterion model selection of white perch δ15N by traits values.

Table S5. Results from a von Bertalanffy growth model.

Table S6. Correlation between a suite of white perch morphological traits.

Figure S1. Map indicating study locations in the state of Maine, U.S.A.

Figure S2. Outline of white perch showing the location of 21 homologous landmarks.

Figure S3. Growth curves for 10 populations of white perch.

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