In reference to Article: Ey, E., Yang, M., Katz, A.M., Woldeyohannes, L., Silverman, J.L., Leblond, C.S., Faure, P., Torquet, N., Le Sourd, A.-M., Bourgeron, T. & Crawley, J.N. (2012) Absence of deficits in social behaviors and ultrasonic vocalizations in later generations of mice lacking neuroligin4. Genes Brain Behav 11, 928–941.

After publication, we discovered that Figure 3 and Figure S2 were identical. Figure 3 and Figure S2 are supposed to show social interaction scores in juvenile males and juvenile female, respectively. After carefully checking our original manuscript and raw data, it was clear that Figure S2 was correct, but the same figure was accidentally used for Figure 3 as well. Since no genotype differences were found in either male juveniles or female juveniles, replacing the erroneous Figure 3 with the correct Figure 3 will not affect the main conclusion of the paper. The correct Figure 3 is printed below. We apologize for this minor error.


Figure 3. Juvenile reciprocal social interaction behaviors in 21-day old male Nlgn4 mice of the Bethesda cohort. No significant genotype differences were found on measures of (a) nose-to-nose sniff, (b) follow, (c) nose-to-anogenital sniff and (d) push–crawl, or on bouts of (e) self-grooming and (f) arena exploration. +/+, N = 9; +/−, N = 13; −/−, N = 10.

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