This article corrects:

  1. Abiotic oxidation of Fe(II) by reactive nitrogen species in cultures of the nitrate-reducing Fe(II) oxidizer Acidovorax sp. BoFeN1 – questioning the existence of enzymatic Fe(II) oxidation Volume 11, Issue 2, 180–190, Article first published online: 4 December 2012

In our recently published article Klueglein and Kappler (2013), we identified an error in the calculation of the nitrate concentrations. Therefore, Fig. 1B has to be replaced by the following figure:

Figure 1.

(B) Representative graphs showing the dissolved concentrations of acetate (●), nitrate (■), and nitrite (□) in inoculated cultures (solid lines) and in sterile controls (dashed lines). Because of slightly different lag phases, the results from four independent experiments showing the same trends are not averaged. Instead, representative datasets are shown.

In contrast to our previously published data where nitrate stayed constant between days 2 and 4 and nitrite accumulated, we now show that nitrate is consumed completely in parallel to nitrite formation, and therefore, there is no discrepancy between nitrate reduction and nitrite accumulation as we had stated on pages 187 and 188. All conclusions of the paper are still valid. We apologize for any confusion caused.